solar water pump - dc


Solar AC Surface Pump is a stand-alone framework working on force created by Solar Photovoltaic boards. The force produced by sunlight based boards is utilized for working ac surface radiating mono-piece pump set for lifting water from open well or water repository for minor watering system and drinking water reason. The framework obliges a without shadow region for establishment of the Solar Panels. 

dc solar water pumps

  • Easy & low maintenance 
  • High life expectancy Versatile applications
  • Central & state govt. subsidies 
  • Under and over voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity & dry run protection 
  • Works from dawn to dusk
  • No energy consumption
  • No dependency on any other fuel or conventional sources 
  • Reliable water supply


  • Operation Hours Are During DayTime,When It Is Needed The Most
  • Can Operate With Or Without Grid Power Or DG Set
  • Battery-less System
  • Plug-and-play Type System
  • Easy To Install And Operate
  • Product Range Available From 1 HP To 15 HP
  • Tracking Type Structure To Enhance The Power Yield.
  • High Quality Components ensure Long Life And Hassle Free Operation
  • An AC Motor (rather than a DC Motor) ensures easier and faster repairs and services at local levels
  • Under/Over Voltage And Dry Run Protection


  • Agriculture
  • Fountains
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Forced Water Circulation
  • Filling Overhead Tanks
  • Swimming Pools & Resorts
  • Sprinkle Irrigation – Drip Irrigation, Mass Irrigation, Livestock Watering
  • Drinking Water Supply – Townships, Row Houses, High-rise Buildings

about solar water pumps:

  • Hybrid solar pump day time run on solar night at Electricity.
  • Single phase Low Voltage and high Volt AC Submersible Pump.
  • Mono block and submersible various options Available.
  • MPPT VFD Pump controller.
  • Low Maintenance of Pump.
  • AC Motor.
  • Easy to install.
  • Soft starter feature prevent water hammering and increase system Life.
  • GI Structure with manually movable option. 
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