THE WOLT TECHNIQUES is that leading solar energy provider who is committed to provide the best innovative,bankable and reliable solar energy solutions to customers all over the world. Our efficient “turnkey” working systems are skilled in offering a complete framework of services for projects that encompasses viability studies to commissioning. We are capable enough to manage projects via engineering, procurement, construction and many more. Our experienced experts are efficient in providing financing, viability studies, permitting, engineering, constructions, project development and what not? We being a leading EPC provider have been able to keep our position intact for all kinds of solar energy needs.


We provide end to end solutions for Roof-top Solar PV systems, round-mounted PV systems and Energy storage systems.

  • Energy assessment and site survey. System Engineering and Design.
  • Procurement of components.
  • Permits and approvals from various government agencies. Installation of the system.
  • Commissioning of the system.
  • Project management to manage entire project across its life cycle and ensure completion within allotted time-frame.
  • Performance monitoring and management of the system after commissioning.
  • Remote monitoring and Asset management.

how epc works??

We believe in providing optimal and holistic techno-commercial solution to energy requirement ofourcustomer.Ou earn is experienced in all aspects of project development and execution. We work very closely with our customer to understand their power requirement and provide them correct solution to help them achieve their goals for using renewable power.

Our years of experience in working along with all types customers (industrial, commercial, Agricultural, residential etc.) gives u insight into critical of application and need of reliable, cost effective power to meet their current and future requirement. We interact with customer and work very closely with them on various stage of project.

Energy/ Power And Load Assessment

  • Independent pre-construction energy assessment services for Roof-top Solar PV
  • Detailed bankable pre-construction energy assessment for Roof-top Solar PV
  • Operating plant performance

Site Assessment

  • Based on our study of Energy/power and load requirements, we carry out detailed site assessment.
  • Analysis of Solar irradiation of the
  • Analysis of the available roof-space for installation at site
  • Analysis of the optimal orientation angle of the Solar PV panels required to achieve maximum power.

System Design

  • Most optimized design of the PV system using the latest Software and engineering tools to achieve maximum generation from the Solar PV
  • Characterization of the power generation from the Solar PV plant throughout its life­ cycle.
  • Selection and sizing of the various system components to achieve the maximum output from the Solar PV

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Provide overview of the power generation from the PV power plant with the real-time updates of the Key Performance indicators (KPls) from the PV power
  • Provide health-status of major equipment in the PV plant e. Inverters, PV strings etc.
  • Provide smart analysis of the power generation in the power plant using machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (Al).
  • Provide customers with periodic reports on the power generation and operating state of the PV
  • We have 24 X 7 dedicated maintenance team. They carry out regular site visits after installation to perform regular maintenance of

Installation and Commissioning

  • Highest quality of installation and commissioning of the system through our most experienced
  • High quality site project management capabilities to minimize delays in handing over site to customers and achieve highest possible power generation from the system through quality installation and commissioning.

Government Clearances

  • Complete end to end responsibility to get all necessary clearances from all necessary government agencies and discoms to minimize the delays during Project execution.


  • Procurement of best-in class and highest quality of components in the PV system to maximize the life-cycle and power generation of the Solar PV system.
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