We offer you couple of way by which you can invest in solar, but before let's see source of revenue solar can earn

rec- renewable energy certificates

these are certificates which a solar power plant developer acquires from the government on generation of solar power plant. these certificates ae traded on the power exchanges in the price band of rs.9.30 per unit- rs.13.40 per unit

escalated land value

huge chunk of land is acquired for solar generation. the value of land will definitely be .escalated after 25 years

tax holiday for 10 years

no income tax is payable on revenue earn from solar for 10 years

ppa- power purchase agreement

revenue earned through sale of electricity to private party or government

cer- certified emission rates

emission reduction projects can earn saleable certified emission reduction credits, each equivalent to one tons of co2,  can be counted towards meeting kyoto target.

40% accelerated tAX depreciation

this will help in huge tax benefit on your existing business revenue. you can claim for 40% depreciation in 1st year and 16% in second year and so on for further years. 

how investment in solar is safe bet?

  • YEARLY RETURNS (your money will no be locked-in as in the case of Land and Fixed Deposit).
  • SAFE RETURNS FOR 25 YEARS (Your returns are not subject to market risk as in the case of Mutual funds and Shares).
  • MINIMUM 20% SAFE RETURNS (Unlike Share,mutual Funds, it pays better).
  • SIX MONTHS GESTATION PERIOD (It starts paying quickly).
  • ASSET GENERATION (A lifetime asset which will grow as you grow).

"Safe Secure and smart investment with wolt solar"


  • When it comes Solar Park Consultants in India, WOLT SOLAR offers the expertise as well as tools required to provide the best solution to clients across categories. We have worked on various projects of solar park in India. right from conceptualization to installation, Wolt solar offer an extensive bouquet of services that helps industrial unit adapts to the solar way of manufacturing.
  • Needless to say, We are solar panel manufacturer, solar panel installation brings with it, the advantages of the process becoming cost effective, eco-friendly and more efficient. Additionally Solar panels reduce the reliance on electricity and power coming from non-renewable sources of energy 

here is a look at the various services that wolt solar is able to offer:


approval & liasoning

Approval and liasoning forms mostly initial phase of plant that includes..

  • project registration in MNRE (ministry of non renewable energy) nodal agency.
  • LTOA(Long term open agreement) related work.
  • Plant commissioning certificates .
  • PPA (power purchase agreement) with private/govt.
  • land related paper work
  • REC ( renewable energy certificates) related SLDC registration.
  • accreditation certificates
  • NLDC Registration

plant design & engineering

every projects comes with its own difficulties- soil, weather, wind, radiance & tapography. All these factors need to be taken account while designing is layout. Appropriate Plant design and PV parameters are one of the key components to generate maximum output and thus maximum project value.

  • selection of modules (based on their capacity and efficiency).
  • marking based on topographical sheet.
  • panels are mounted as per the markings with minimum disturbance to the environment.

construction & procurement management

  • robust and agile supply chain (tier 1 manufacturer) with global network with timely deliver of system equipment.
  • inventory management.
  • quality and inspection control.
  • mounting solution.
  • land related paper work.
  • alignment of non module components with module components to generate battery yields.
  • integrated planning, scheduling and execution system.
  • final commissioning. 

post commissioning management (o&m)

  • regular cleaning  (dust removal of panels and inverters).
  • inspection of site.
  • removal and replacement of faulty equipment.
  • remote monitoring plant with SCADA implementation.


we can monitor functioning of our solar plant from anywhere. this enable us to:

  • knows realtime data from anywhere anytime
  • detailed analysis to understand if power generated if as expected/designed.
  • knows issue on-field with equipment and manage with effective O&M.
  • predict the power generation with certainly.
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